Back Home, And I am Not Leaving Again.

This has been one heck of a week. Quite a lot of stuff happened in last seven days, the most important one being — I am home, and this time, I am not here to leave.

So yeah, I landed in Nepal on Monday (May 21) evening. Haven’t got even a single picture from the airport ’cause it was raining and I got into a taxi as soon as I came outside. My family and a couple of friends were there to receive me.

This one’s from Wednesday when we had a small get together with friends at Krazy Gecko Restaurant in Pokhara. That’s wifey.

Home is where she is.

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Unlike previous times, I wasn’t just excited to be back home, but I was (and I still am) a little terrified. Terrified, because this time I am not here on a vacation. I am here to be here – not just for weeks or months but like forever. It was a tough call, though.

When I first went abroad, S. Korea to be specific, in 2013; I hated it. I hated the food, I hated their language because I sucked at it, which meant I needed to learn a whole fuckin’ language, and I just hated everything. But with time; I kinda started to like the place, and I started loving the food — like a lot. And also, I learned the language — not great at it, but to the level where I wouldn’t get lost if I find myself in a new place with a dead phone.

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 — time passed. In fact, it actually looked like it flied. My contract with the company I was working with was coming to an end in June this year and so did my visa. And in order to extend my stay, I needed to sign the contract again, which I could if I wanted to because — not really trying to brag about myself or anything but for real — I was a good employee and I did make things happen and works done. So, they were eager to have me and honestly, I wanted to continue my work there as well.

But, I figured, it was time. It was time to return home. And that’s not because I have made a lot of money that I would use to start something here. It’s correct, people do make comparatively more money while working overseas than they do here, but they also have to spend the money in pretty much the same manner. So yeah, it’s not really like you can work for a couple of years there and then return home with a fortune. Nope, doesn’t work like that ( at least for most of us).

So, yep, the thing is — I don’t know what I am gonna do and what’s gonna happen. And I haven’t got anything figured out yet. I am writing about all of this here because in coming years I want to read this blogpost and say to myself, “Dude, that was a good decision. You did the right thing.”

I don’t really know how that’s gonna happen, but well, I am going to try my best to get shit done. And even if I fail at anything, I ain’t regretting for sure.

Apart from the big ass decision, and me coming back to Nepal; everything else is regular and not really worth writing about. I haven’t blogged anything in last ten days and I feel terrible about it because of course. But I promise, I would be back soon and I would be regular af. I am not going to do this full time, but this shit will always be one of the most important stuff in my life.

I am in Pokhara, and I am going to be based here mostly (most probably). Oh yeah, and now I wear glasses. Got them earlier this week when I had my eyes checked at Himalayan Eye Hospital here. I see the world in HD now. It was like I had been seeing everything in 480p and now I have got a 4K vision. I love it.

That’s pretty much it. I don’t really share much about my personal life online, but writing this was important and I wanted to.

Thanks for reading this. You are amazing. 

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