Had A Blast With Nishma Dhungana Chaudhary on Radio Nagarik’s ‘The Lounge’

I was in Kathmandu for a couple of media interviews last week. And I am glad I had a chance to meet and get interviewed by ‘Miss Bubbly’ on Radio Nagarik.

Nishma Dhungana Chaudhary (nope, she ain’t married – good news for y’all guys – she just uses the surnames of her father and mother both) wanted me to appear on her show since I wasn’t even here in Nepal. And I had promised her that I would be there as soon as I land in Nepal.

I returned to Nepal last month (just in case you don’t know about it, read HEREmero yo blogpost ma alli badhi views aai halcha ki vanera link diyeko) and within days, I told Nishma that I am here and I would be on her show whenever possible. We fixed a date (not a date date – I wish- , but you know, a date to appear on the show) but unfortunately, something came up later and I had to be in Pokhara on the day I had to be there. So our “date” was postponed to June 13th and of course, I had to be there —- aaaaaand I did.

Her show, The Lounge, is an 8-PM show (and it airs live every Wednesday) but I reached the station a little earlier as Jai Pradhan had also invited me for another show called The Select. I played a dozen of my favorite songs on the show. My playlist consisted of Astha Tamang Maskey, Jerusha Rai, Baritka Eam Rai, Jay Author, Deepak Bajracharya, Bikki Gurung, Sajjan Raj Vaidya, Yodda, Pahenlo Batti Muni, Sushant KC, Topi and JPT Rockerz. The show was recorded on Wednesday and it went on air on Saturday, June 16th. It was fun.

And then came Nishma’s show. I am not calling her ‘Miss Bubbly’ for nothing, and it isn’t actually a title I gave her, the Miss Nepal pageant did. Yep, if you’re a pageant fan, you probably know that she was part of the 2015 Miss Nepal pageant and was able to reach the top 5. And she had bagged the sub-title of Fanta Miss Bubbly. And if you’re not a pageant fan, well, now you know.


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She started with a sweet introduction of me (I still can’t get over it) and kept talking so much good stuff about me (awwwwww!!). Itni khushiiii!! She asked me some really good and important questions like who is the guy I would kiss at gunpoint, and what’s the last thing I touch before going to bed every night. See, realllyyyyyy important!

But seriously, she did ask me a lot of good questions and some really fun stuff. Honestly, it was the most fun interview I have ever been a part of; and I absolutely enjoyed it. I would totally do it again if she ever invites me.

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In case you missed it, it’s now on YouTube. Do watch, it’s just 43 minutes long.

I am still blushing — courtesy of Nishma’s compliments.

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I had a super good time there. Thanks, Nishma.

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