Just Another Blog You Don’t Give A Shit About

Hey there. Some of you might know me as the NeoStuffs blogger. If you do, great; and if you don’t, totally understandable.

So anyway, this is just the opening blogpost on my new blog www.neerajpun.com to announce it. Like musicians have their side projects where they can experiment and do stuff that they can’t with the main act; this blog is my side project. It would be a very casual one, yep, even more casual than NeoStuffs.

So why exactly am I starting this thing? Here’s why.

NeoStuffs is limited to content that’s related to Nepal and Nepalese. In this one, I will be talking about a lot of other stuff that has nothing to do with Nepal, like foreign films, music, television shows and I don’t know what else. Also, this one will be more like a personal blog where I will be sharing my thoughts and opinions; and write stuff about what I do and the places I visit, and just random stuff. Or may be, I might not write anything at all. I might just forget about it, ‘cos I am lazy.

I don’t know how it’s gonna go, but I am hella excited. Yay!

And of course, NeoStuffs will be equally active and I won’t let this one slow me down. Kassam, dhatya hoina.

Thank you for reading. Good day, y’all.

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