My First Ever Tootle Ride

This is Bagale. Samit Bagale.

He gave me my first ever Tootle ride today (October 1).

I came to Kathmandu yesterday as I had to be part of something today at Pepsicola. I was supposed to be there at 10 and guess what, I woke up only at 9 this morning. So irresponsible of me!! That meant I had to freshen up, get ready and  reach the place from Mahrajgunj, my brother Ashok’s place where I am staying, in less than an hour — DURING RUSH HOUR. So obviously, taking a cab wouldn’t have been a very wise decision. Ashok did offer to give me a ride but I didn’t really want to waste his time as he’s been busy working on a project; and the ride would have cost him over an hour easily.

Dimaag laga, Neeraj. Dimaag laga.

And then it hit me. TOOTLE. Hell Yeah!

So, what’s Tootle? You know it, but still… it’s a ride-hailing app that makes your life a little more convenient. I immediately installed the app, signed up, put my location and the place I need to be and BOOM — within seconds, a Tootle Partner – a rider registered with the startup – accepted the ride request. And in less than three minutes, the good guy Samit was there with his red Bajaj Pulsar NS200.

My saviour rode the motorbike like a pro, like he was born to ride it and save the day for me someday. Yep, that’s what he did. By 9:45, I had reached my destination. And the fare was just 185 bucks. How cool is that!!

Samit told me that he is originally from Syangja. A student of B.Sc. here in Kathmandu, he has been a Tootle Partner since two months and he’s pretty satisfied with the money he makes doing his thing.

On my way back, as I took another Tootle ride, all I could think was…. “I NEED THIS THING IN POKHARA”. So as soon as I reached home, I texted Sixit Bhatta – the Co-Founder and CEO of the startup – and asked him the plans for the expansion. “Very soon we’ll be going out of Kathmandu”, he told me and I was like, “Yayyy!”

Having started this amazing thing in January last year, there are currently over 10,000 Tootle Partners who are not just earning some side income for themselves but making it easier for people to travel across the city.

The startup scene in Nepal looks so promising with all these amazing ideas that make our lives so much easier.

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